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Fashion: Mink Eyelashes!

Hey Girlies!

I would say that mink eyelashes or eyelash extensions, in general, has become increasingly more popular. You can put on these lashes as long as you want and as full as you want, you no longer need mascara.

The only downfall about this fashion trend is that it is quite expensive especially if you want it done right. Mink eyelashes can start from $150 and up, I myself have had mink eyelash extensions put on and I loved them.

A way that I discovered to avoid paying the high price is by using Groupon. I hear horror stories about Groupon, but in my opinion it can be a hit or miss. I paid $41 for a set of natural looking mink eyelashes (they had different styles) and the retail value was bout $180.

I want to get them on again because I don’t mind putting on mascara, but it’s pretty hard for me to take it off. How do you feel about mink eyelashes? Leave a comment in the section below!

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