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Your Best Gal: Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker & Freed Book Review

Hey Girlies,

So I have been on a reading binge lately and I can’t stop. I read for at last three to fours a night! Once I saw the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer one of my coworkers recommended that I read the book. I usually don’t read books that become movies because I know that the book is always better than the film. And I’m ok with that as long as I don’t read the book. But for this movie I have made an exception.

My overall opinion about all the books is that it was a pleasant read especially if you love romance novels (which I do). The first book was my favourite because I felt like it had more of a consistent storyline. I like reading about the chase between Christian and Anastasia. But I have to admit I felt like I was reading the rated R version of Twilight. I know if was made from Twilight fan fiction, but there were too many similarities.

I also like the ending of the first book because it wasn’t a happy ending. Once I started reading the second book, I hated that they got back together in a matter of days. I wanted to read more about the suffering on both their parts because I think it was a little over exaggerated. Once I got in the middle of the book I was really tired of the bickering going on between them. One page they're mad at each other and the next they are having sex somewhere.

In the third book, I was looking for some more thrill and I got some! Anastasia announces that she’s pregnant and shit hit the fan! There was still some bickering going on, but I thought that this is what the book needed. Once the whole Mia ransom thing was going down and Anastasia ended up in the hospital the book finally got interesting again. (You might think I’m cruel, but as much as I love romance novels, I can read about you fighting one minute then having sex anywhere and everywhere with no story line for 350 pages!)

This was an easy read especially if you are on vacation or have some time on your hands. I can say that they are staying pretty true to the source material from the book (if you watched the trailer). I can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out!

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