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Fall 2014 Look: The Modern Hipster

Hey Girlies,

So I know it’s been a long while since I wrote about fashion.

I just found out that it’s supposed to rain this weekend and that puts me in a homebody mood. I have already been shopping for fall clothing so I thought I should write about my favourite fall style.

I love the hipster look as a whole. The baggy clothes, the ripped pants, plaids and a beanie. It’s the I don’t care what I look like but I actually do care look. The way that I wear this look to work is:

Skinny jeans that are preferably navy blue A grey simple t-shirt Plaid long sleeve shirt that I wrap around my waist Black loafters (ex. Toms)


If any accessories, they are gold coloured

Last but not least, my Clark Kent glasses :)

I think this look fits the modern day hipster look to a tee. Because I work at a place that allows me to wear what I want, I get more opportunities to try new looks. You can also trade the loafters for combat boots as well.

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