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Have You Watched A YouTube Web Series?

I’m usually on YouTube because I’m watching some sort of “how to” video or I’m watching a video that my favourite YouTuber uploaded. My mother was telling me about this show she was watching and she describes it as having of drama, twists and turns in the story line and romance. My mom kept going on and on about how I should watch it, I finally asked her what website she was watching it on and she said YouTube.

I was shocked because of the way she described it. I would never expect to watch a show on YouTube. The show is called “Close Friends”, it’s written very well and it’s very addicting. Me and my sisters watched the whole series in a day! They even came out with season 2 as well.

Once I was done the series, I was on the search for another. That experience opened my eyes up to the world of web series! Watch at least one episode of close friends and tell me what you think in the comment section below!

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