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My Experience at Chocolate Tales making Chocolate!

Hey Girlies,

So it’s been a long week for me and I finally get to look forward to the weekend! So last weekend I went to a Chocolate Tales workshop. I got the deal on Groupon for $34 (retail price is $82) which is a big steal!

Upon arriving, you get to learn about the history of chocolate and sample three different kinds of chocolate (chocolate w/ ginger, cinnamon and chili). I like the one with cinnamon! Yummy! We were taught different techniques of making chocolate, for example, dipping it and chocolate and coating it with coconut and/or chocolate powder.

We even got to use marshmallows! They also had us decorate pre-made lava cakes which were delicious! Once our chocolate creations were cool they gave us a cute box to put it in. Check out the lava cakes below!

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