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The Read : Live in Toronto!

Hey Girlies,

I meant to blog yesterday, but it totally slipped my mind! But here I am writing this blog! Over the weekend, I went to see my favourite podcasters! I’ve been listening to their podcast for a year now and I’m so hooked! There podcast consists of celebrity news, honoring black people (black excellence), reading listener letters and speaking their mind. I know how Kid Fury and Chrissle look because of social media, but seeing them in real life was amazing.

I found the show to be hilarious with Kid Fury’s segment “Oh Bitch” where he discussed celebrity news! There was a Q&A session where the audience asked for advice about their career choices, family issues and friend drama. All was good except for the one person who dared to ask how did Kid Fury and Chrissle feel about Blue Ivy’s hair! That girl got so much boo’s, I can’t believe she would talk about a child like that.

My friend created a poster for The Read that said “Welcome to the 6” with a big ass picture of Drake on it! Lol, I had a great time and I hope they come back to Toronto!

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