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Hold Me in Contempt Book Review

Hey Girlies,

Happy mid-week! So a little while back I read “Hold me in contempt” by Wendy Williams. I used to be a big follower in her after show on YouTube when I first found out about the book. I love to read romance novels but this didn’t seem like one until I saw Wendy in an interview explaining what the story was about.

The book is not long at all, so it makes for an easy read. I like the main character, but I found that some of the other character stories didn’t need to be that in depth. Here are some pros and cons about the novel:


Easy read

Compelling storyline

Lots of drama!

No happy ending (Sometimes there’s need to be a tragedy, even in romance novels!)


Major plot point takes a long time to happen

There was a lot of “fluff” storylines (which means there were parts that didn’t need to be in the book)

Overall I would definitely recommend this book! It has a perfect mix of drama and crime!

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