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Life: The Adventures of World Pride in Toronto 2014

Happy Pride Girlies!

Today in Toronto we celebrated World Pride it was such a fun and exciting event to go to. There were lots to do and the weather finally cooperated with me lol. I got a tan and got to see many people from all walks of life. I got there early with my friends, we had to wait for the parade to start but once it got started it was really fun! You got to see all the different organizations that support the LGBT community (I thought seeing a lucky charms float was a bit off) lol. We didn’t stay for the whole parade because it was way too hot and the little water that we were getting we got from random people spraying water guns. We walked around for a bit and got to see the drag king and drag queens perform. Sony had a booth there as well and they had a dance and a lip-syncing competition where you would win wireless headphones! And I got condoms! You can’t leave pride without getting condoms lol! My friends couldn’t find a restaurant in Pride (overcrowding, long lines, blah blah) but we ended up getting a patio 15 mins away from Pride which was good! I loved it there and had so much fun, I can’t wait for next year's Pride! How did you find Pride? Share your comments in the section below!

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