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Fashion: Pleather, Leathers and Feathers!

Hi Girlies,

One of my favourite fashion material to wear is Pleather! I can’t afford leather lol! The only leather that I own is couches. But pleather is still fashionable and cheaper. I owned some pleather pants at one time by my sister “accidentally” took them home with her and she has yet to return them… The pants that I owned always kept falling off which was annoying, but they made my figure look nice. I bought a plain pleather skirt from forever 21 that fits like a glove! I’m planning on wearing them with a nice crop top. I think pleather goes well with gold accessories and bright color clothing, kind of like colour blocking. I have some really nice long feather earrings that will go lovely with my outfit. My ideal outfit is pleather tights with a white see through blouse with some black pumps. I don’t quite have the full outfit yet, but a girl can dream! What type of fashions do you like? Leave your answer in the comment section below!

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