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Fashion: Ombre Hairstyle For The Summer!

Hi Girlies!

One of my favourite hairstyles that are in right now is the ombre style. And it’s not necessarily the black fade into brown but I love all types of ombre colours. I’ve been trying to get my hair to have that kind of style, but I keep on miserably failing…

The only good tactic that seems to give me that ombre look was some kind of hair colour spray from Bath & Body works. On the plus side, it smells like vanilla and on the downside, the residue rubs off on anything that you wear. (My old winter jacket turned bronze lol)

I suggest that you get this professionally done at a salon, but I understand that it can be quite expensive especially if you want it done right! This hairstyle is a nice twist on the dyed tip hairstyle (I hated that look) and I’m trying to add a dark red ombre style to my hair, but because my hair is jet black it's not working out that well…

Anywho! What your favourite hairstyle for the summer? Leave a comment in the section below!

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