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Life: My Time at Salsa at St.Clair

Hi Girlies!

Yesterday I went to Salsa at St.Clair festival which showcases the latin culture, from the music to the food to the performances. I go every year because I get to visit my grandparents and their apartment is in the heart of the festival. Unfortunately, it rained this year so it kind of made the festival less enjoyable because I was soaked and I was constantly dodging umbrellas lol. I can also tell that there weren’t as many vendors as last year and the selection of food was limited. The only thing I bought were churros and usually I spend a lot of money at the festival. Usually towards the end of the day they have a mini parade showcasing live latin music and dancers. This year the parade took place around 5:30 which was very early so I missed it. :( Anywho, I got to see our mayor Rob Ford which was probably the highlight of my day. What kinds of festivals do you like to attend? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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