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Life: I Wonder How People Get Their Licenses…

Hey Girlies,

I hate driving.

I hate dealing with people on the road, I’m tired of looking out for crazy people. We all have to take the same test to get our G1, G2 and G right? I know that people pay to pass the test, but some people really need to take the test properly.

I personally failed my test 3 times, all for different reasons, but I got less nervous and better over time. I drive on the 401 every week and there’s always someone that annoys me. I’m tired of people driving 100 km in the far left lane and I’m tired of people holding up traffic so they can switch lanes.

I can go on and on about what I hate about drivers, but I would be writing forever lol. I do my diligence as a driver, I always let people in lanes and I signal when needed. I can’t wait until we start teleporting lol.

What type of driving situations have you gotten into? Comment in the section below!

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