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Life: My Time at Toronto’s Festival of Beer

Hey Girlies,

Today I attended the beer festival in Toronto and it was pretty fun. This event is held at the exhibition place in Toronto. It took a while to find the entrance, but me and my friend eventually did. We bought our tickets which cost $50! That wasn’t advertised on the website, but I was told that this fee includes tax and a door fee… Anyways after getting in, you're given a mug with 5 tokens in it and you start your journey! 1 token is half a mug of beer and two tokens is a full cup. I can see why you might have to buy more tokens lol. There are a couple of food vendors and there’s live music. This festival was like a music festival, there were no drunk people and everyone was having a good time. I don’t drink beer at all, but I can definitely say that there are beers that I now like. I tried Waterloo, William, Barndoor, Crabbies and Magners and I liked them all in their own ways. I had a great time there and I would definitely go again!

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