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Fun with Paint @ the Paintlounge!

Hey Girlies,

So over the weekend before I got sick I had an opportunity to go to the Paintlounge and paint! Painting is not my forte, but you don’t have to be that artistic to try! It was me and a group of 6 people which made the experience even more enjoyable.The vibe at Paintlounge was very “artistic” the music was really nice and while you paint you are able to order muffins or cookies with a coffee or tea.

This definitely puts you in the artistic mood. You have access to a wide range of colours and painting tools. (which include: paintbrushes, stencils, sponges etc;)I painted on a solo canvas and ordered a tea, my total came up to only $30! Once you're done you are able to bring the canvas home with you and hang it up on your wall! I would definitely recommend this activity to anyone who likes painting and I would definitely go there again!

You can view my painting on my instagram account: yourbestgal

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