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Life: My NatureBox has finally come to Canada!

Hey girlies,

I was at work, minding my own business when the mailman came to deliver the mail. All he had were bills in his hand, as he was walking away he looks into his bag and pulls out a box to give me. My eyes light up, I want to jump for joy and hug the mailman lol.

The box contained this month’s Nature Box goodies and treats! I thought I was going to go crazy because it was already the 9th day and I never got a box! This is a summary review about my whole experience from start to finish with NatureBox:


They finally ship to Canada!

The box was not damaged and it contained the contents advertised

There customer service was prompt and great. (I had a minor issue with my order)

It arrived in the time promised (4-10 business days)

The snacks are wonderful!


The portions are too small (I already at ae bag of snacks in one day…)

I wish I can choose what I want (I know they are working on that but we got sunflower seeds, which no one in my family eats)

Otherwise then that it was overall a great experience! So far my favourite snack is the peanut butter nom noms!

Did you order NatureBox too? What’s your favourite snack? Follow me on instagram!

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